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2018 Zone C4 Deer Hunting Maps, Local Hunting Clubs, Ranches and California Hunting Report

What is best California Deer Zone?
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Deer Hunting Map Zone C4 Find Public Lands and Private Hunting Ranches

C4 zone has lots of deer, good public access, a  high hunter success rate and,  for some reason it is underrated. If you are still  undecided on where you’re going hunt  this fall, Zone C4 early season Hunters will find better access the deer are still up  in the summer range in  Lassen National Forest. 
That‘s right, there’s still time to purchase one of the remaining tags before  September  opener, and that’s  only the first hunt period. Thousands of  tags remain for the second period hunt  which begins Oct. 24 and lasts through  Nov. 15.

The state's largest  migratory deer herd—the East Tehama  blacktail herd—makes its home in  Zone C4. The buck  harvest in Zone C4 is more than twice  as high as the state’s average. Hunter success  has ranges from 17 to 20 percent, still  double the state’s lowly 10 percent  mark. 

Access to Zone C4

Hunters will be pleasantly surprised with lots of prime deer country  throughout Lassen National Forest in parts of six counties—Tehama, Shasta, Lassen,  Plumas, Butte and Glenn. With the exception of Zone A, no  other deer zone encompasses so many counties. 

Hunters will find better access in the first period because a  majority of the deer are still up in the summer range in Lassen  National Forest, public property. However, deer are widely  scattered throughout the mixed conifers and brush fields, so  plan on getting off the beaten trail and walking on foot or  riding horses in order to seek out those bucks. 

Second period hunters, on the other hand, have decent  access to BLM and national forest lands, but most of the  winter range is made up of private property.  Bowhunters shoot  quite a few nice bucks in the 5,000- to 8,000-foot elevation in the Chester area, northwest of Lake  Almanor. 
Other noteworthy spots in the northeastern corner of the  zone include Morgan Summit and along the creek beds of theNorth Fork of the Feather River but remember  Lassen Volcanic National Park, that's off limits to hunting! 

First-period hunters should start looking for deer in the  high country along the edges of Lassen Park, particularly  in the timbers and meadow. Perhaps the best thing about deer hunting in Zone C4 is  the fact that the deer are migratory, which means they move  from the summer to winter range as the seasons and food  sources change. 

Each fall, 65,000 blacktail deer move from the summer  range down to the winter range where they spend the fall  breeding and the winter months eating and surviving on the  blue oak acorns and greenup.  Hunting success in this zone is highly dependent on the  migration season, but it’s a guessing game trying to determine  when the deer will head to the lowlands.  lt changes from year to year, depending on the available  feed.

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